About Us

   Founded in 1997, China MaoYe  Intelligent Holdings Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan, a national high-tech enterprise and a national science and technology support project undertaker, a smart city application service provider, and relying on the technical systems of the two research institutes to integrate the industry. Advanced technology, providing comprehensive industry chain services from basic IoT applications to big data acquisition and data security. With system integration capability, new technology application capability and independent research and development capabilities of software and hardware, we are committed to creating a borderless and focused technology ecosystem.
     Cultivating talents for the society is the social responsibility of the company, and talents are the cornerstone of the development of the company. The business form of the company provides a good career development channel for employees. The fission-type entrepreneurship brings vitality and stability to the company's talent team. The establishment of the School of Intelligence provides an advanced and scientific learning channel for talents, from the grassroots employees to the senior management's graded learning, providing a continuous learning foundation in the work.
     While developing the enterprise, don't forget to give back to the society, remember the old saying that "not to be small and not to be good", to be enthusiastic about public welfare, and to set up the "Maoyan Centennial Tree People Fund" to provide learning conditions for the children of poor families. transfer.
    In the future, Maoming will continue to follow the new normal thinking, keep up with the direction of national science and technology development, constantly seek new business models, and improve the business layout at home and abroad. Through continuous innovation and development, we will actively introduce experts in all fields of smart cities, provide long-term development platforms for talents, and make greater contributions to the development of national smart cities.
   Corporate Vision: To provide more than 95% of intelligent application services to the entire industry and become a provider of smart city service industries.
   Corporate mission: create value, embrace change, perseverance, altruism, and symbiosis.
   Core values: the combination of knowing and doing, to the light, to the conscience, my heart is bright.
   Business service concept: create value for users, employees, companies, and provide products and services that exceed user expectations.