About Us

    Business architecture includes two main areas: Civil Internet of Things applications, for governments at all levels, large state-owned enterprises, real estate providers to provide a variety of applications from digital to intelligent to intelligent upgrade. Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) applications provide the industrial sector with research and development and production of various professional application systems. Through 20 years of intensive cultivation, we have accumulated rich industry experience and excellent customer resources, established a good brand and reputation of enterprises, and reached long-term cooperative relations with government departments at all levels, large state-owned enterprises and real estate developers, such as FAW Toyota, the People's Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Post and China Mobile. China Petroleum Corporation, Public Security Department, Forestry Department, etc.

     At present, China Maoye has many molecular companies in the industrial chain, Maoye Jincheng, providing various kinds of Intranet information security and secrecy services such as subcontracting and other insurance services; Maoye Zhongke, providing large data application services and technical services in special fields; Maoye Hood, providing financial supervision services; Maoye Tongda, providing intelligent medical services. Services, Maoye Zhide, provides intelligent forestry services. At the same time, subsidiaries at all levels have been set up in the Southwest, North China and South China regions, with business scope and service capabilities throughout the country and some overseas markets.
     In order to better realize technological innovation and iteration, Maoye has established the Research Institute of Intelligent Control System of Internet of Things and the Research Institute of Intelligent City of Science and Technology in succession with Sichuan Changhong Technology Center, Qidong Center of Institute of Science and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Research Institute of Intelligent City of Science and Technology of China. "Rui" series products have many innovative applications in various industries. Making full use of the experts and human resources, technological advantages of the Institute in the field of smart cities, integrating the whole industry chain of the Internet of Things, building the whole industry cluster, and realizing the industrial landing.