Meng Qingrui, Chairman of Maoye Intelligence Holding Co., Ltd. of China, was invited to attend the New Henglida "Foresight 2019" Entrepreneur Forum and the Founding Ceremony of "Hengxinhui" Entrepreneur Club (Private Board).

       On March 16, 2019, sponsored by Shenzhen Xinheng Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., the New Henglida "Foresight 2019" Entrepreneur Forum and the "Hengxinhui" Entrepreneur Club (Private Board) was held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Xinghe District, Futian District, Guangdong Province. Ms. Meng Qingrui, Chairman of Maoye Intelligence Holding Co., Ltd., was invited to attend.
       In 2018, China's economy has experienced the pains of structural adjustment, and the trend of improving its quality and efficiency has emerged. Especially, the new and old momentum will continue to change and the new momentum will continue to grow. It is expected that the credit tightening of monetary easing in global financial conditions will be more remarkable in 2019, the effect of US fiscal stimulus will gradually fade, the political risks in the euro area and the fundamentals of emerging economies will be fragile, and entrepreneurs What uncertainties do we face?
       In the complex and changeable internal and external environment, what is the direction of China's economic development, financial and capital market reform, and what is the short-term impact of the energy conversion between real enterprises and emerging economies? In the new economy and new business format, what revolutionary changes have been brought to traditional industries by the new business and new technology changes such as internet, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and so on? How should entrepreneurs cope with it? Should they stick to it, or should they stick to it for strategic synergy? Is it soldier breakthrough or platform empowerment?
       Professor Li Haitao, Director of Global Financial Center of Yangtze University of Commerce, Professor Tian Lihui, Dean of Financial Development Research Institute of Nankai University and Professor Hou Guoyue, School of Civil and Commercial Law of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, attended the ceremony to share the theme.
       At the Round Table Forum, the industry high-end dialogue discussed the definition of the future of science and technology, and the high-end Round Table Forum discussed the trend of China's capital market.