He Gang, General Manager of China Maoye Intelligence Holding Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the launching ceremony of "Qingyang District of Chengdu to Build an International Business Environment Benchmarking Area"

       On March 15, 2019, the launching ceremony of "Chengdu Qingyang District Building International Business Environment Benchmarking Area" sponsored by Chengdu Qingyang District Committee Office and Chengdu Qingyang District People's Government Office was held in Shaocheng Shijing Wenchuang Industrial Park. Mr. He Gang, General Manager of China Maoye Intelligent Holding Co., Ltd., was invited to attend and interview as an invited supervisor.
       In the spirit of "Chengdu International Business Environment Construction Annual Mobilization Conference", and with the theme of "Building International Business Environment Benchmarking Area", the conference will invite relevant leaders of national competent departments and experts from domestic and foreign industries to attend.
       At this meeting, district leaders issued letters of appointment for supervisors to Mr. He Gang and others.
       In an interview, Mr. He Gang said that the business environment is a business card for a city to go to the world, and it is also the strength and strength of the city's enterprises to participate in global competition and cooperation. "Settled in Qingyang, Maoye has a full sense of the business environment of Qingyang." From the enterprise settled in Qingyang, the support of various policies and supporting funds did not encounter the so-called "spring door" and "glass door". Many real difficulties of enterprises have also been coordinated and solved by the provincial and urban three-level relevant functional departments. "Whether we can make a good addition and truly create the business environment into a high-quality business card for attracting investment in Qingyang District, as a supervisor, is the direction I should and strive for.
       In the end, Mr. He Gang also said that he would give full play to the role of links between enterprises and the government, actively understand the demands and expectations of enterprises, sort out the obstacles and difficulties encountered by enterprises in the business environment, and actively "endorse" enterprises. At the same time, we should not disgrace our mission, dare to supervise, not go through the stage, be good at supervising, not afraid of difficulties and be diligent in supervising. We should spare no effort to promote Qingyang District to create an international business environment and build a new type of "pro-Qing" political-business relationship.