Construction renovation promotes further expansion of the industry

The demand of intelligent building engineering in China comes from the direct application of intelligent technology in new buildings on the one hand, and the intelligent transformation of existing buildings on the other. As the economy enters a new normal, the state strengthens the regulation and control of the real estate industry. The construction industry in China is facing downward risk besides the infrastructure field. However, in the reconstruction of existing buildings in China, the intelligent construction project has considerable potential. With the continuous improvement of urbanization rate in China, the number of existing buildings is increasing. According to relevant statistics, the number of existing buildings in China is more than 70 billion square meters. Nearly half of the existing buildings have not met the current requirements in terms of intellectualization. At the same time, there are some problems such as poor safety and low energy efficiency. At present, the intellectualized renovation of existing buildings, such as hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, schools and residential buildings, has gradually begun in China. Through the intellectualized engineering renovation, the layout of buildings will be more reasonable and the intellectualized functions will be strengthened. At the same time, the renovation of existing buildings provides another broad market for the intellectualized construction projects.